From corporate CFO to cloud accounting firm on the fast track: Meet Alex So of FastLane Group

The Story of Fastlane:

It all started when Alex and Wilson met at the University of Technology in Sydney. Both were young, hungry, and in pursuit of a global experience that they could bring back to Hong Kong. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, with majors in Accounting and Finance, both Alex and Wilson each started their careers at one of the reputable Big Fours – Ernst & Young and KPMG respectively.

Like most who embark on a career in accounting and finance, Alex and Wilson went on to spend the prime years of their career holding senior finance positions of the world’s largest banks. It was 20 years later that they decided they would explore what might be the next big thing after having reached the top of the corporate ladder. Entrepreneurship, they thought. What could be more fulfilling than helping fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses realise their dreams?

What about Fastlane? Why Cloud Accounting?

It was also clear from the outset that smaller businesses had very different needs, and in many cases had not even gotten the basics right. The problem that we would like to solve is, in many cases, the predominant professional accounting firms are focusing on startups until they are big enough to afford the heavy price tag or they have developed a proven business model and achieved good financial results.

It was at this point that Alex and Wilson discovered Xero (https://www.xero.com/hk/), one of the world’s most advanced cloud-based accounting software and other cloud-based solution, to help startups streamlining their processes, better managing and understanding their financials, and getting ready for the statutory and investor reporting. Unlike traditional accounting firms which deal with physical documents, paper filing, and year-end compliance.

Who are our clients?

FastLane’s clients come from all industries. He attributes that to Xero’s integration with 600 + business apps. Small businesses today are on the constant lookout for newer solutions that will help automate existing, manual processes. “Clients love it that we are able to recommend quality business apps that will help increase efficiency in their businesses,” says Alex.

We are HIRING!! Join Our Team at Fastlane

About the speaker - Alex So and his team

Group Managing Partner of Fastlane Group,Alex So, is responsible for the strategic development of FastLane Group, an advisory and investment firm. He is a fellow member of CPA Australia and has over 20 years of professional finance and accounting, corporate finance, and investment experience in the financial services and asset management companies. Alex held regional Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer roles in a number of global financial institutions including at Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Hong Kong-listed company and Asian private equity firm.

At FastLane, we believe our values are intrinsic in helping us to work together in the most effective and fulfilling way. We’re looking for proactive and confident self-starters to join our team, who enjoy a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment and who work hard to ensure we acting as the best advisor towards our clients.

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